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  • Partitioned Fluid Storage

  • Small Footprint

  • 200-300 BBL Capacity

  • Easy Refill System

  • Built with 4 or 6 storage compartments

  • Designed for the storage of bulk chemicals for drilling fluids


  • Built in 100 bbl and 200 bbl capacities

  • Our tote tanks combined allows for a quick-drain into the CST

  • Coast Guard Certified storage vessel

  • PATENT # 6,915,815

  • Dimensions: W 8’ x L 16’x H 10’

  • Weight: 23,000 lbs Empty, 98,000 lbs Full


Saves Deck Space

  • 8’x 18’ footprint holds 200 bbls of volume (10’x 18’with stairs and walkway).

  • Takes the place of 15 totes (550 gallon) of volume in the same footprint.

Reduces Crane Lifts

  • Allows for 4 totes at a time to be drained and put back on the boat.

  • Avoids having to handle tote tanks multiple times before it is emptied.

Chemical Storage

  • Each intake and discharge port is labeled and color coded.

  • Up to six different drilling and completion fluid additives can be stored

  • All hoses use 2”cam lock fittings.

  • Every tank has an inspection plate for measuring volume.

  • Tanks are sloped on the bottom to drain to a minimal dead volume.

  • Valves are protected by drip pan.

Health, Safety, and Environmental

  • Intake and discharge valves have full drip pans to prevent spills and slip hazards.

  • Tanks can be cleaned from the top without putting personnel in confined space.

  • Built with OSHA approved stairs and walkway.

  • By reducing the number of lifts needed for moving tote tanks, the risk to rig personnel is reduced.

Additional Information:

The tank measures 8′ wide by 18′ long. This accounts for the 2′ stairway and drip pan in the front of the tank. The overall height with handrails and landing rack is 15′ high. The tank weighs 23,000 lbs and holds 220 bbl of fluid. The tank can hold up to 14.5 lbs fluid.


There are from 1 to 6 compartments depending on configuration with the storage tank. There are 2-pack or 4-pack transport racks with associated 13 bbl totes to refill tank. This is an additional 104 bbls of fluid. 300 bbl capacity is possible with our full CST Package: 8 totes carrying fluid plus the CST tank itself.


All compartments are color coded and lettered. The tote tanks are designated per assigned compartment.


Custom options available to fit your rig needs. DNV, custom stairs, custom widths, custom heights, 2-Pack, 4-Pack, modular…


Call us and we’ll help find a solution to fit your needs.

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