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  • 75% Less Lifts

  • Manifolded Totes don’t need to be removed for filling/draining

  • Prevents Damage to Totes with Safety Cage

  • Full Drip Pan

  • Holds Twice the Fluid Volume Compared to am MPT Using Same Deck Space

  • Stackable and Discharges 2 to 4 Totes out of 3′ Discharge Line


  • Stainless Manifold Pipe Plumbing

  • FULL Integration with CST

  • NEW Updated Chemical-Resistant 200psi Teflon-lined Connection Lines

  • Discharges 2 to 4 Totes out of 3″ Discharge Line

  • Totes are easily Connected to Internal Manifold

  • Allows Fluids to be Segregated (No Contamination)

  • Load Tested and Weld Certified

  • Stackable

  • Fork Life Accessible

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